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How do I place an order?

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You can place an order through the following ways.

1. Bhu Tatva home page has top deals, featured products, special deals sections etc.

2. Searching directly for a product in the top search bar.

3. By clicking on a particular category (eg. spices, dry fruits) under collections.

After clicking “ADD TO CART” button, you can view a product and after selecting a particular quantity; either add it to the cart or checkout directly for a faster buying experience.

You can apply coupons if any (our coupons are automatically applied either through clicking a button on the coupons page or sent through email. You may also scan a QR code) and fill in all the required information, for example, address, email, special note etc. Finally, you can fill in payment details and pay using available payment options.

That’s it. Now relax, we will take it over and update you about further details.

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