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I bought palm jaggery powder from Bhutatva and can vouch for its quality and taste. Being organic, it's a healthy alternative to everyday sugar consumption and tastes yummy with curd. I find this deal as a good combination of quality, taste and price in the market. 👍
Homemade oats cookies with masala tea powder taste so yummy. It's the first thing in the morning to drink masala chai to really wake up and start our day. Our kids love to have cookies. It's made of oats and super healthy as compared to other cookies available in the market. Homemade tasty and healthy products are now a rare sight in the market. Good going. Sweet home products. 🍪 ❤️
Premium quality raw honey direct from a beehive. Being a mother, the daily intake of honey for my child & family is very important to boost our immune system and health. It's very hard to find genuine raw honey without preservatives these days. Thank you for providing authentic raw honey. We will order some of it more soon. 😊

High quality isn’t solely defined by the look but by the whole ecosystem around its growth & how you connect with real farmers.

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