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Our story

We had lots of issues just to buy a product directly from farmers, the hassle of dealing with middlemen, and delivery problems. We also didn’t wanna compromise with the quality of products at any cost. Hence, we started sourcing the fresh products directly from farmers and delivering them at the doorstep. The fresh products have a more natural aroma, nutrition and health benefits.

We come from an agricultural background and know the pain of farmers. The lack of technical knowledge and financial resources limits the farmer to lead a good and happy life. In India, 1.3 billion mouths need to be fed nutritiously. Hence, We formed a small team of people interested in improving the farming ecosystem with the help of modern technology. Let’s help our food providers.

We are providing fresh products directly from farmers at people’s doorstep. They will get fresh and nutritious products faster by avoiding a long chain of transport and storage. We provide assistance to marginalized farmers to get a good price for their products and to help them to increase their standard of living.

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About Company

Bhu Tatva started its operation during the pandemic of 2020 to provide farm-fresh products directly to people at their doorstep and to improve the fresh food ecosystem. We use intelligent technology to organize the farming sector efficiently and help millions of marginalized farmers.

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Our Mission

To provide farm-fresh products directly from farmers to their doorstep. Increase the standard of living & earning of farmers.

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Our Vision

Help people to connect with farmers to get fresh products directly and not to worry about the freshness and nutrition quality. Farm efficiently with the help of modern farming techniques and intelligent technology.

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Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Pooja Singh

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Manish Kumar Singh

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Suman, Delhi

I bought palm jaggery powder from Bhutatva and can vouch for its quality and taste. Being organic, it's a healthy alternative to everyday sugar consumption and tastes yummy with curd. I find this deal as a good combination of quality, taste and price in the market. 👍

Abhishek, Bangalore

Homemade oats cookies with masala tea powder taste so yummy. It's the first thing in the morning to drink masala chai to really wake up and start our day. Our kids love to have cookies. It's made of oats and super healthy as compared to other cookies available in the market. Homemade tasty and healthy products are now a rare sight in the market. Good going. Sweet home products. 🍪 ❤️

Aarti, Indore

Premium quality raw honey direct from a beehive. Being a mother, the daily intake of honey for my child & family is very important to boost our immune system and health. It's very hard to find genuine raw honey without preservatives these days. Thank you for providing authentic raw honey. We will order some of it more soon. 😊

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